Need Ventilation, Gutter, or Siding Services? Atlanta’s Got It!

Anyone who lives in the Atlanta area knows that Atlanta can sometimes have extreme weather. Rain can damage gutters, siding, or ventilation systems on homes, leaving holes and leaks that are no fun to deal with. When these things happen, Atlanta Roof 911 Exterior Restoration is the place to go! We provide 24hr call services for a free quote, helping to clean up the mess. Check out our services today:


Functioning gutters on your home are crucial for keeping your house dry and for preventing damage. When gutters are clogged or damaged, they can cause water damage, allowing mold and other damages to build in places that can create future problems. Our gutter updates benefits include weather protection, curb appeal, and mold prevention. We conduct excellent gutter services to the entire Atlanta area, keeping your house clear of these inconveniences.

When we install gutter systems to improve your home, we make sure that they look good on your house, adding to the feel of your home and neighborhood.

Our technologically advanced gutter systems will leave you feeling safe and confident about your home’s roof drainage. If you reside in the Atlanta area, call anytime to schedule the installation of a new gutter system today at 678-906-4093.


We provide the best siding services in the Atlanta area. Our siding options attend to all home needs. Our certified crewmembers will ensure a tasteful final product to fit the Atlanta feel. A variety of services include fiber cement, vinyl, and cedar:


  • Fiber cement is a perfect option if you’re looking for a low maintenance, durable solution.
  • Vinyl is our most popular siding option for our customers. It is inexpensive, durable, and easily maintained.
  • Cedar is a more long-term option for those who are planning to be in the same place for a while. You will love the look of this siding. It gives the home a rustic, natural look.

All of our provided siding options are recommended to the Atlanta area for a classic and reliable home solution.

Ventilation Systems

Extreme weather comes with extreme temperatures. Our top quality ventilation systems will help you to lower your utility bills and prevent damage. We make it a priority to keep moisture out of your attic and to keep your attic a consistent temperature no matter the season. The airflow of your home can be greatly improved with proper ventilation, removing hot air without a powered fan, saving you money and hassle.

Our ventilation systems are also placed in convenient locations for your benefit. We install the system along the peak of the home where it is barely visible, maintaining the lovely look of your home.

A damaged roof can cause leaks, mold, and expose your home to the elements. If your roof has been damaged or is approaching the end of its lifespan, it’s time to take action. Protect your roof and your home with our roof repair and installation services.

Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation!

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