Ventilation Systems

Roof Venting Can Be Confusing - Let's Break it Down:

Proper attic ventilation is an important part of your home maintenance. Ridge Vent will extend the life of your roof by keeping the attic cool and will reduce heating and cooling bills by creating a complete airflow through your attic space.

It's important for the health of your roof and for controlling your energy bill to understand when your roof needs better ventilation and when it doesn't, so if you aren't up to the task of inspecting your attic for excess moisture, give us a call and we'd be happy to stop in and help you devise a plan to keep your roof costs to a minimum.

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Ventilation Systems Curb Energy Waste

We have systems to vent your attic or roof deck

Lower Utility Bills

Create a natural airflow and allow your attic to self-regulate its temperature. In the summer, your attic will be cooler because of adequate ventilation. In the winter, your attic will not be as susceptible to frost because moisture will not be trapped inside.

Damage Prevention

Prevent moisture from building up in the attic, which can cause water damage and mold. In the winter, ventilation is needed to prevent ice dams from wreaking havoc on your gutters. In the summer, excessive heat can cause damage to structural components of your roof and put stress on your home's cooling load - can you say broken air-conditioner?

Convenient Placement

The system runs along the peak of the house and is barely visible. No matter how creative your architect was, the ventilation system installation approach is the same. Your ventilation system will save you money down the line on roof repairs. Call today for your ventilation system installation bid!

Secure Your Home's Structure

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